Development, open-source contribute to Local?

I could not find any links to github or other places where we can see the development (or contribute) is this intentional? Should Local be Free?

Hi @kingdomcreation,

Great question!

Local is currently free, but not open-source. We have tentative plans to open-source Local this year. :slight_smile:

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Sorry clay i mean free as freedom. I wish a few things could be addressed better and I was surprised to find theses tools which I love in a closed source project especially one developers really care and depend on. But I believe in what Local is doing because it enables others with less sophistication to develop in this way. (I have been working this way since 2015 without Local) and also focus my interests in isomorphic application and way we can make peoples lives better using technology, knowledge and collaboration.


If your question pertains to licensing, relicensing will be part of the process. Local Add-ons are currently all MIT so that may give you a hint of where we’ll probably go. :slight_smile:

No my question is simply motivated in transparency with any traffic and use of vm and containers by a third party on the developer machine and help troubleshooting understanding and teaching others to use these technologies.

I believe I could also contribute some expertise instead of re-inventing the wheel.