Local by FlyWheel for Ubuntu


Is an deb or deb repo exists?
to test?


Hi Sebastien,

We don’t have an Ubuntu (or Linux) version at this time. It’s on the roadmap though :slight_smile:

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Any date or planification?

Not at this time but we will announce it when we know more.


Any update to share? I’m interested in moving a team of 7+ managing 350+ sites to flywheel, but we need to provide an comparable workflow to Local to our Linux-based devs…

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Any update?
Please please please!
Greetings from Italy

Hi all,

Local for Linux is on the roadmap for 2018!

That’s all the details we can give now :slight_smile:

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That’s great. Really looking forward to a Linux version of Local! :heart:

Do we have more info as half a year has passed?

Many thanks

Hey Guys,

I understand you’re releasing LBF for Ubuntu this year - any dates for Beta?


This is fantastic news. Is this still on schedule to come out sometime this year?

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This is a major sticking point for me as well. I see this has been “on the roadmap” since at least 2017 (https://local.getflywheel.com/community/t/can-i-run-local-on-windows-or-linux/)
In this post it’s on the roadmap for 2018.
It’s now 2019 – still no love for Linux.
LBF is Docker based; why not at least provide Docker images and a compose file?
Or, open-source it and enlist the help of the entire community.

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I’ve abandonned the idea of working with LBF on Linux.
I’m using Lando and it’s most powerfull than LBF https://docs.devwithlando.io/

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