Disable update pop-up after clicking 'no' once

I would like if LbF would disable the pop-up notice for a new version available, if you once have clicked ‘No, not now’.

I’m always very hesitant to update LbF and if I do, I will never do it from within the app, but by downloading a new version and overwriting the old one (aka ‘manually upgrading’). That’s how I always did it, that’s how I always will do it. For me, it feels like the safest way to update LbF.

However, when I’m not confident enough to do that, I don’t want every time to have to click away that update notice. So hence the request: disable the update notice after a user has indicated once not to want it.

I agree. The popup notice takes a second to load and I have accidentally clicked it several times. I think the update notice stems from the fact that the tool is supposed to be used to keep sites in sync with Local by Flywheel hosting service. Many people don’t use those services but are still presented with the update notice.