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Is there a way to disable updates forever? I can’t use this app if every time I open it asks to update.

I can’t update because it breaks all my sites. Tried that once, other threads were not that helpful, and took me an hour to get up and running again… huge waste of time.

I would be so happy if there was a way to DISABLE updates forever. So, the popup never asks me again.

Is that possible?

Hello @jbreen -

Thank you for your feature request, I apologize that you have had issues with updating Local in the past.

If you haven’t before, you can always back up your sites before an update (using this workflow below) or ignore the individual updates as they appear:

That said, in truth, we do not have any plans to add a feature to ignore updates altogether.

Thank you,


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I’m on Local 6.4.2 (macOS Catalina v10.15.2), not a big deal, because it works with my sites running PHP v7.4.1.

Updating Local was making those sites not show, but I tested several versions, 6.4.2 was most up-to-date that works.

I’m sure a new machine and setup would run latest version ok.


Hi @jbreen -

Thanks for the follow-up here!

Do you have any other questions or comments related to this topic? Otherwise, I will close it!

Thank you for being in the community,


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@sammunoz All set thanks!

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