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Local 6.5.1 Can't Update PHP on M1

I just updated Local to the latest 6.5.1, and first “native” build for Apple Silicon. I put that in quotes, because while the Local app is native, none of the lightning services seem to be when perusing Activity Monitor. I am shown an Update button next to my PHP version (8.0.0), but that button does absolutely nothing. My guess is that this would, in part, move at least some services native. But since the button is not functional, I seem unable to update it.

Is there a way to update PHP, and will that (or something else) give me a truly native Local experience with the lightning services too, not just the app, native?

macOS Ventura 13.0 (22A380)
Local 6.5.1+6195 arm64
PHP 8.0.0
MySQL 8.0.16

Remove the PHP services from ~/Application Support/Local/lightning-services. Create a new site and use that to download the new PHP versions.

Yeah, I guess that will work. I just wish there were an easier way…


+1! 100%, Local should do this for you. We’re talking about this in another thread.

Local + PHP will be native, which are the big performance gains. Nginix/Apache, Mailhog, and MySQL will not be, but those are on our list to compile natively as well.


Yeah, was a bit of a pain to do the manual download, not so much for the otherwise unnecessary need for a temporary new Local site, but because it didn’t actually let me download PHP 8.0.0, I had to get 8.0.22, which is fine and all except that it meant going through all dozen or so Local sites and changing their PHP version anyway, which in turn with the update changed Xdebug port, and so had to go update all my debug configs in VS Code…

Okay, so maybe in an update there will be more lightning services compiled natively. Perhaps there can also be a smoother path created for those who don’t bother with the updating of PHP to a native build before then.

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