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Does LOCALWP has Myphpadmin server? How could I access to Myphpadmin server used by LOCALWP?

Issue Summary

I want to access to Myphpadmin in LOCALWP but there is not a CPANEL similar Tool,
Could anybody help me with this question?

Thanks in advance to the community .

Hey @cindirella – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Local is an offline development tool that’s meant to make it easy to spin up WordPress sites on your own machine. It doesn’t use CPanel or PHPMyAdmin.

Instead, you can either use “Adminer” which is similar to PHPMyAdmin and can be accessed from the “Database” Tab of the site in Local:

Another alternative is to use a dedicated SQL Client and connect to the Local database using the connection info on the database tab. If you use a tool like TablePlus, we also have an add-on that can be used to quickly connect using that tool!

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