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Duplictor Backup to LocalWP

Hi, i am developing a wordpress website locally on XAMPP using Apache and MySQL. Unfortunately i always have problems with MySQL so i wanted to use localWP since it is recommended in several forums. I am working on the site since quite some time and i always did backups with Duplicator plugin (free version). I researched the topic but cannot seem to find some up to date answers so my questions would be:

  • is it possible to create a new localWP Site and instal a backup from a Duplicator backup?
  • can i do a backup on the site using Duplicator? (f.e. for the go live afterwards)
  • if not, what backup plugins are recommended?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @nb101

Generally, we recommend WP Migrate Lite. It’s a free plugin and can create a simple full site export of your site which you can just drag and drop into Local.

If you already have the site files handy, generally all Local needs is a bundled up wp-content and SQL. Then you can simply drag and drop that zip file onto Local to get things started.

ok, thank you very much!


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