Manually migrate live site to Local

How does one manually migrate a live WordPress site to Local?

Use a plugin like Duplicator. Create a backup, download it, drop it into Local.

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Many thanks! However, I am not having any luck with plugins so far.


Would yo umind being more specific whne it comes to ‘drop it into local’? I’ve had quite a few site backups (from different sources), non of which imported w/o some sort of problem. Now I may add that these are different versions of local and new issues, so some leaway on software is given. Since Duplicator has a specific structure and Local another how do YOU make it work?

I have manually migrated a wordpress site to localhost using xammp with no problems. There are several references on the Internet on how to do this ----,,, etc. It works like a charm. I have gone this route as WordPress plugins for migrating sites do not always work. One of the steps in the manual migration is to export your SQL database from one site and import it into the target site. The normal SQL program is phpMyAdmin. The SQL program inside Local (Flywheel) is adminer. I am having trouble understanding how this program works and there is very little information on how to use it on the Internet.


Thanks, I should have been clearer. I know how to migrate sites and / or copy databases etc however I hoped you had a specific way for dealing with Local specifically. Much like you I find some software to backup/migrate site to be lacking or aren’t specific enough.
Local has given me odd errors at times that then somehow seemed to not matter at all. That’s why I was hoping you had a specific way to deal with Local and it’s site import.

When it comes to Adminer, I personally prefer it as it’s quick and lightweight. You can think of it as a simpler method of phpMyAdmin. So you could follow guides for that and repeat them within Adminer ( Since that might not be your of tea you could look into Sequel Pro Or SQL Workbench and use a desktop app to connect and work with the database.

But the links are a good resource, and can help others too if they stumble over this post.

Thanks, I will check the link out.


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