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Error 1146 (42S02) setting up website

So, I’ve managed to set up 3 of my websites on Local with no problems. I’m having problems with the 4th website though. It runs the installation almost all the way until it abruptly ends it all with:

Error: Command failed:
/Applications/Local.app/Contents/Resources/extraResources/lightning-services/mysql-8.0.16+5/bin/darwin/bin/mysql local -B --disable-column-names -e SELECT option_value FROM blog_options WHERE option_name = ‘siteurl’; ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 1: Table ‘local.blog_options’ doesn’t exist

How can I go around to fix this, if it’s a database/table issue, when the failed set-up doesn’t even leave the opportunity to go into the Database/Open Adminer?

System Details

I’m on a Mac OS Catalina running Local v. 5.9.0+4961
local-lightning.log (80.2 KB)

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