Error 500 message

I’m currently working a new website and everything was going well until yesterday, when I was creating a mega menu in Elementor Pro, each time I try to save the changes it comes up with a Error 500 message, any ideas, I have also reached out to Elementor in reguards to this issue.


A 500 error means there’s something wrong with the server. In this case, you mention the issue happens when creating a mega menu in Elementor Pro.

I’d recommend reviewing this help doc for WP:

In particular, there’s likely some kind of PHP error, so after enabling WP_DEBUG you’ll want to see what kind of error is given. Note that in some cases, you might need to look in the PHP error log, located at ~/Local Sites/<site-name>/logs/php/error.log

Thanks Ben, the issue has been resolved, after Elementor recommended to install plug-in WPSweep and give the site a sweep, of course after backing it up first.

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