Error creating a site on Mac Studio

Local 7.1.2+6410
Mac OS Ventura 13.5
64GB Ram, plrenty of storage.

When attempting to create a site running PHP 5.6, Apache, and MySQL 5.7, I get the following error:

Error Installing WordPress for testsite
Command failed: /Users/david/Library/Application Support/Local/lightningservices/php-5.6.39+9/bin/darwin/bin/php /Applications/ Resources/extraResources/bin/wp-cli/wp-cli.phar–path=/Users/david/ Documents/Development/local-sites/testsite/app/public --require=/ Applications/–skip-plugins–skip-themescoreinstall url=http:/testsite.local --title=testsite --admin_user=test

This is repeatable. I’ve tried it with a variety of site names (I need to run those ancient versions because I’m trying to migrate an old site).

Local Logs – Attached

local-lightning.log (247.6 KB)

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Hi @dgewirtz

This is due to the EOL of PHP 5.6. More details below:

WordPress (& Local) Ends PHP 5.6 Support

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I am right in the middle of a migration that requires 5.6 where I need to create a bunch of sites to do the move. Can I back-rev Local somehow (without nuking all my other sites) or somehow force the creation of 5.6-based sites?

Hi @dgewirtz - it is hacky, but technically possible… I’ll disclaim by saying this workflow won’t work forever as we’ll be marking PHP 5.6 as EOL inside Local soon.

  1. Create a site with a newer PHP version (use 8.1.9, for example), Apache, and MySQL 5.7.
  2. Site should create successfully.
  3. Open site shell for the site
  4. Run wp core update --version=6.2 --force (insert any value of WordPress you’d like, but 6.2 is the last version that was compatible with PHP 5.6).
  5. In the Site Overview on Local, change the PHP version to 5.6. Site should update to the older PHP.
  6. Import your content as needed.

Local will show an “Update to 6.3” prompt in the WordPress version field - don’t click this or your site will be incompatible and you’ll have to do the force update again.

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Thanks! Once my migration is done, I won’t look back. But for the next week or so…


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