Error installing my New site Wordpress Opcache Problem

Anyone encounter this problem before “fatal error base address marks unusable memory region. Please setup opcache.file_cache and opcache.file_cache_fallback directive for more convenient Opcache useage.”

Hi Shane,

Sorry for the trouble with PHP Opcache!

What operating system did you encounter this on?

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Hi Clay,
i using Windows 7

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Same thing, Windows 7 Pro - Local 5.6.1

Here’s a screenshot.

I got this working by commenting out all the opcache lines in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Local\resources\extraResources\lightning-services\php-7.3.5+8\conf\php.ini.hbs

But now all I see is: No Input File Specified when I try to view the site. This is my first experience with Local and so far this has been straight-up terrible. I might as well just install Apache+phpMyadmin+MySQL myself.

Uninstall & reinstall latest Local version also same happen. Any idea? OS is Windows 7 pro

OK, i just found Local 5.6.1 version NOT support windows 7. I install local 5.3.1 n everything back to normal, waste 4 hours :sweat_smile:


Same issue with latest version of Local 5.7.4 however found a solution adding:


in the php.ini.hbs file of my newly created site. File found (on my computer) under:
C:\Users\xxxxx\Local Sites\yyyyy\conf\php where xxxx is my Windows user and yyyy my site name.

After adding the two above lines within the opcache section, save and on local start your site. It works for me.

Hope this would help.




Hi from France,
4 hours are nothing… I spent 2 days B4 finding your reply !
But I’m not sure the problem is comming from Local version (5.7 for me); I guess PHP 7 is involved because Local 5 is unable to provide a new site under PHP 7 but can do it with custom conf. and PHP 5.6…(win 7 pro).


BTW: When I check the folders, there is no data-base in the Testalaconwp7.3’s one; Where are they hidden ?

VidalNico’s solution is OK for me.
Now all 3 sites mentioned above are running perfectly under Win 7 pro.
Many thanks to him.

thank you so much, you have saved my day

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