Error Starting the Site

One of my Local Sites started having issues today. When I start the site it gives me this error:

(HTTP code 500) server error - error creating aufs mount to /mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/aufs/mnt/73f43b262ec92d331daa90e9026a3f8062eb31833b9f206c962c05c3c1148ad6: invalid argument

I’ve tried turning off Faster Docker Volumes (I have this off by default), restarting the local machine, and restarting my machine itself. I hadn’t worked on the site in a few weeks and nothing had changed.

Hi Lee,

Sorry for the trouble!

Is this on macOS or Windows?

I’m using macOS, High Sierra 10.13.2


Just to clarify, this is only happening on one site?

Also, what version of Local are you running? You can find it by going to Local by Flywheel » About.