Error When Starting Site - (HTTP code 500)

HTTP (code 500) server error - error while creating mount source path

For some reason, Local seems to ignore sites.json file in ~/Library/Application Support/ and doesn’t read the “path”: variable from it to start the machine and starts with the old paths.

Long story short Local won’t start the website.

Even if the path says where the site folder was copied and the old version is still accessible in the old location, because the drive cannot be written the program won’t start.

I tried Volumes extension as it was supposed to help me remap the folders but it wouldn’t allow me to add anything not in /Users it didn’t solve the issue, and the button remained disabled even after all paths where reassigned.

I could not find any other information on this in my opinion sites.json should have been used to determined the folder path to the site

Even if i manage to create a new project and replace the old folder with the new one when I try to start again, Local wipes the folder with the blank data from the new project. It’s unclear how to get the data back and website back.

The database is also default (what you get after the install)
Are the .sql files re-imported after shutdown?

Local replaced the folder contents and deleted the contents of the new site folder (swap)
I still have a copy of the original folder with /app but because i deleted the project
is there a way to get it back in?

I decided to share how i resolved this issue.

I exported the website it created the .zip, opened the zip found the local-site.json moved the file inside and recreated the archive.

Then, I used the import feature and files were restored properly and database .sql files were analyzed and executed data was inserted back in the database.

Because i already had deleted the project and recreated it attempting to swap out the folders the name and everything else was the same.

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