Lost everything from local, can't find a way to import back

I exported one of my website to my computer. Once the export was done, local just shutted down. When I open it back up, no more website appeared on the list (4 lost)

I managed to find the local folder where all my website are stored but for some reason, local doesn’t recognize them. I’ve also try to reimport the previously exported website, the import worked, but now I get the 502 Bad Gateway display. Not able to open anything from my website. I tried compressing the whole file that I got in the local site folder, doesnt work either. Anybody as a workaround for this problem ? I have 30+ hour put in this website and was about to launch it. I need help asap.

Exactly what I’m going through with 2 websites. Local is starting to become a problem - I’m looking at other alternatives asap as I have deadlines to meet.

Hey @Phx6 and @joshua1 - sorry you’re running into issues with Local. Local stores your site information (not the site itself) in a file called sites.json

Depending on your OS, this lives at:
Mac/Linux: ~/Library/Application Support/Local/sites.json
Windows: %APPDATA%\Roaming\Local\sites.json

Can you check the path here and see if that file a) exists and b) what the contents are?

I’d like to understand what happened prior to you running into this issue… Phx6, you said Local just shut down after the export? Was there any sort of error message? @joshua1, same question - what was happening in Local before you couldn’t see your site anymore? If you could, sharing your Local log would help us look into this! Retrieving Local’s Log File - Local

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