Error while Installing Wordpress [Ebusy:resource busy or locked]

I tried to install and setup a site for my University Classes and i just get every time i prepare to setup a page this goddam Error.
Hope somebody can help me, get rid of this error. :smiley: (If i can´t use local i might fail classes)

Troubleshooting Questions

  • I can create new Sites, but everytime Local start installing Wordpress i get this error.


System Details

Using Local Version 5.9.4+5115 (latest)

My System:

These are my Logfiles, as recomended
local-lightning.log (103.8 KB)

I took a look at the Local log and I’m seeing the same error that is in the screenshot:

  "stack": "Error: EBUSY: resource busy or locked, rename 'C:\\Users\\diequ\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\el25LhD4Supgrade.php.tmp' -> 'D:\\Local WP\\Local Sites\\testpage-2\\app\\public\\wp-admin\\includes\\upgrade.php'",

I wonder if the issue is that the sites are on the D:\\ partition?

Can you try setting the Local Sites on the main C:\\ drive to see if that allows you to create sites?

had everything on C:\ Partition at first try. Didn´t work either. same error only other path in C:\

now i just renamed that error file and pasted it into the new folder D:\… Kind of works, but when i prepare to start the page now it says : No input file specified.

SOLVED (temporarily)

Close Local
Renamed the file in partition C:\…AppData\Local\Temp\… to upgrade.php
Paste in the new path D:\… app\public\wp-admin\includes\
Start Local
Start Site

restart local and Changed Web Server from Appache to Nginx.

Still getting everytime the erroranouncment while setting up a new site
then just close local and follow the steps above. Works… somehow…

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