Errors on site load after Pulling from WP Engine

I’m running into a host of errors trying to view a local site which I’ve just pulled from WP Engine. It did take quite a long while on the first pull, but worked (no errors or notices). But obviously there are some serious errors. No access to Wp-Admin. ‘Adminer’ does show the DB has imported and WP looks to have appropriate access to it.

Local lightning log file is here - Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

And local router error log is here - Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

It looks like the Classic Editor Addon needs to run composer update to fetch an updated version of the wp-dependency-installer library. Please contact the plugin developer. I fixed this issue months ago. :wink:

Actually I looks like this was done and you have a plugin update that needs to be done.

Hi @afragen, Thanks for your response. Whether plugin updates need to happen or not, when a site functions fine on WpEngine and then pulls down and won’t resolve on Local I thought that would be an issue with Local and not with a plugin which should be updated.

In this case I’ve turned off PHP error reporting in my wp-config.php with ini_set( 'display_errors', 'Off' ); and the site resolves.

I guess there are some errors which are being ignored/ silenced on WpEngine as well and these should be addressed.

While silencing all PHP errors will hide the problem, it doesn’t solve the problem. I don’t know what is set on WPE in this regard, but in a development and testing environment it’s probably a good idea not to hide errors.

What I see is that a plugin, Classic Editor Addon, has an update available that incorporates the fix I made in the wp-dependency-installer library that occurred in a WP core update.

The first and third error reported above would be fixed when you update the Classic Editor Addon plugin to its current version. It would then be worthwhile to see if the second error disappears. Though the second error is from the WP Live Chat Support plugin.

As these errors resolve you should regain visibility and access to the site.

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