Errors "Site container is missing" and broken sites


I recently launched local as usual, but this time I was required to install/update local again.

When it had reinstalled, my “local sites” where all red and when selected either show:

  • Error! Site container is missing.
  • Warning! Site container is missing. This site will be inaccessible.

All my files etc are still there in the local sites directory.

If clicked to restore a website, however if I go to “admin” or “view site” for that site, it shows this page:

If I select the database tab, then “adminer” the database is now reset and seems to show the default template database, rather than the database previously created. I looked in the local site directory “app > sql” and tried to import the .sql file there but its just the same.

Any ideas why these errors are now showing, and why the database reset? Any way to restore it?


I’m having the same issue, so I’ll love to know the solution to this as well.

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Same issue here. Following.