What Happened!

I have been running Flywheel Local for a while now without issue. Today when I started it seemed to do an update/installation automatically and then all the sites had container warnings or errors. I was able to use “FIX IT” on the warning and it seemed ok, but the 2 with missing container errors I cannot recover and the I see the sql folder is missing form the structure.

2nd issue - now that I have “FIXED” the one that supported that option one of them seems to have the database crossed up with another site, so it will not load. Using adminer I can see the database for site2 seems to be a copy of the database for site1 … strange!

I would like to know what happened here to avoid this issue in the future!


Hi @codeshed,

Sorry for the trouble!

Have you recently uninstalled VirtualBox or ran any sort of computer cleanup? This error generally only shows if Local’s Docker virtual machine has been removed somehow.

Not that I am aware of … The only thing I did yesterday (along those lines) was add a host file entry for testing unrelated to Local. Looks like VB was installed back in July 2019 and is still there.

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