Every WordPress change breaks my site

Hey all. I started developing my first WordPress site for a client on Local. I took a break for a few weeks at the start of March and just tried to re-access it today.

I noticed that every change (however small), from a word change to an image upload, wrecked the display of my page and simply displayed the CSS in a giant block of text rather than images or buttons etc.

The confusing thing is that the page displays the changes perfectly fine in “Preview” mode, but when I hit “Update”, I can only see a giant block of text with a menu and footer.

Is this fixed through an updating process? Is it some other issue?

Thank you very much for your help.

Sounds like a https or path problem. Have you inspected the code to see what URL’s are being returned in the pages? The one other thing could be your css file (maybe you made a mistake if you wrote or modified any custom css - it would make all css under the error likely invalid and cause display issues.


Try enabling “Dev Mode” 45%20AM