Export from Local by Flywheel into Xampp Local result in partial success partial failure

Hi all,

Since I had 2 times of experience which Local by Flywheel app crashed in Windows 10 and could not be reinstalled and ended up no solution. So even though I can use Local by Flywheel now in the same computer(and I don’t know why), but I am kind of under pressure if Local by Flywheel app crashes again and my devt sites for customers’ projects will be stuck. So…, I am kind of forced to engaged the R&D of migrating websites in Local by Flywheel into Xammp local as a precaution, I would like to make sure that I can keep my business projects going even if Local by Flywheel crashes and can not be reinstalled again, so, I just tried to move a website into Xampp.

The result is half success, because I can access the migrated website’s frontend/homepage and backend, I can edit pages at backend, but I can not access any other front-end pages except homepage, all other pagesl redirect to Xampp dashboard UL. So, I hope someone can share some guidance for the solution. Thanks.

Below is the rough description of the process that how I did that:
Export mysql zip file from Flywheel PhpMyAdmin
Import the mysql zip into newly created database in Xampp
Copied the site files from Local by Flywheel folder into Xampp folder
Change the siteurl and home URL in new mysql database “mysampledbprefix_option”
Change the database name and password in wp-config.php(username is root in both platform)



I’m still hoping someone can shed some light for this. thanks.

Hey _KC!

Apologies for the delay here. Local should be doing backups of your SQL every time you stop a site, and nothing should be happening to the site files themselves, so I’m really curious about why you’re losing sites & why Local is crashing for you.

Could you describe any more what happens during these situations? If you have any additional information, I’d love to get to the bottom of that for you. Screenshots, etc. would help!

Hi adam:

Not apology needed. For the moment, my best guess is that I have a gremlin in my computer system for the issue why Local by Flywheel crashed in my system but does not seem to have to same frequency happening to other users(if that is the case), speaking of gremlin issue, it is a time consuming issue, so I would rather focus on the solution of how I can export Wordpress from Local by Flywheel to Xampp(again! as a precaution) and then I will share more information about the process records when Flywheel crashed in my computer system, however, even if I want to share the mentioned information, I actually did not kept them, you can imagine how busy I would be when Local by Flywheel crashed and my business projects needed a immediate urgency responses.

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