Migrating site xampp to local by flywheel

Hey folks. I built a Wordpress site for a client in xampp. Then xampp started running reaaaaally slowly when I would try to edit posts. Local by Flywheel looks great, and I’d like to migrate the site but I’m running into some issues. Is there a simple way to migrate the site I’ve built, theme, settings, content, and all to Local? Sorry if this is a noob question, but I’m a noob.

@JRK Welcome to Local, glad to have you! Many folks have been able to migrate their site’s from xampp. I think some previous community threads might help you the most.

and this one might help you out.

Thanks, Andy. I actually already tried duplicator but it says:

Host Build Interrupt

This server cannot complete the build due to host setup constraints.
To get past this hosts limitation consider the options below by clicking each section.

Any helpful tips for that?

@andypeters Never mind that last question. That second thread had what I needed. It just took me a bit to realize it. The site is up and running in Local. Thanks so much for the assist!