Unable to import xml file to the local

I have my website live online and use flywheel locally to test and upgrade before it goes live. I exported everything from my live website and tried to import it on local.

The system is unable to import it shows the following error. Kindly help me resolve this.

How and from where did you export your live site?

It sounds like you exported a WXR/XML file using the WordPress export tool… Did you then setup a local and working WordPress site and use the WordPress Importer plugin to import that WXR/XML file?


Did you export a complete site backup from FlyWheel, WP Engine, etc… which would be a ZIP file and include your database dump inside it? Those types of complete backups can be imported into Local and it will try to find and import your .sql dump file. Only, at that point, the site and home URLs might not be correct and you might need to update them.

You’re dealing with a process that can be done about 50 different ways, so it’d be helpful to have a LOT more detail leading up to the error you’re seeing… starting with your export process.

What I did is, I logged in to local wordpress site through flywheel dashboard and then tried to import the xml from my live site online.
Another problem I am facing is, I am unable to install plugins on the local site. I think i don’t have the databases configured. Kindly help me configure it or share whatever you think that can solve this problem.