Flatpak creation

Hello all,

As a Linux user, I’m seeing quite a few support requests for issues with installation on different distributions. Has there been any thought on creating a Flatpak? I think this will solve quite a few install issues. Personally, I run Fedora and openSUSE (both Tumbleweed and Leap) and I struggle to get Local working on Fedora and can’t get it working at all on openSUSE.


Hi @cmccullough

Thank you for your feature request! Looking at the data from our end, usage for these other distributions is really low so it’s just not something we’ve been able to give a high priority. That said we’re always following the forums for ideas and opportunities to keep our users happy :slight_smile:

I’ll forward this to our team and we’ll follow this and other related requests for interest and consideration.

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Hey @Nick-B!

Thank you so much for the follow-up! I really appreciate it.

If your team does decide to move forward with creating a Flatpak (or even a Snap), I’ll be more than happy to do testing for you if needed.

Thanks again!

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Thank you for that offer @cmccullough! :slight_smile: