Is there any plans for Linux?

Is there any plans for it?

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Absolutely! Unfortunately we don’t have a timeframe for it yet but there will be announcements when we know more :slight_smile:

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Hello folks

Love your local by Flywheel tool, extremely useful and saves time.

But isn’t there a distro for Linux envs like Ubuntu? That would be great.


Hey Michael,

We’re working on it :wink:


Great. Keep us posted here.

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Why there is no download for Linux even many developers use linux

Wine doesnot work too

definitely hoping a distro for ubuntu comes soon. I’m trying to move away from windows for my development work.


Yo; So, I hate wordpress, but you guys made me able to handle building plugins and themes and whatnot. I know local doesn’t work on Wine or PlayOnLinux (I am actually a team member of playonlinux and a full stack developer and engineer with 20+ years under my belt).

You guys are taking a REALLY long time to develop local for Linux. It cannot be that hard, considering you are using VirtualBox and Docker and have a fancy front end. It’s a pretty cool solution, but I would like to help. I have done beta testing and development for quite a few entities: Propellerheads, Ableton, BitWig (a lot of music software developers), and yeah; I really think I can help push this along.

If you have a repo and would like some help, I would be very much down to do so. I actually have an alpha of something I wrote that does essentially what local does using the same technologies for the most part. It’s not fully fleshed out, but it almost works. Anywho, let me know. You probably won’t but it shouldn’t be taking this long, and TONS of developers use Linux. Though wordpress developers aren’t always (actually most of the time) aren’t versed in anything but that, but that is a different story, and they likely would just buy a mac instead of using a Linux distro.


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+1 for this option.

Do you have a timetable for Linux? Last post I saw said 2018.

Hello, can I ask you about Local by Flywheel progress of the Linux version?

Are you planning use for distribution?

And good improvement would be implementing “mod_pagespeed” or “ngx_pagespeed” for automatic website optimization. For example Bitnami has it.

Thank you.

Really looking forward to this. This app is the single reason I need to have a dual boot with Windows. Can’t even seem to run this within a host windows VM due to nested virtualization issues. Is there any kind of a timetable here?

@clay Is there an update for the timeframe now 2+ years out from the last post from you on this (or maybe I missed something)

@loganfromlogan I am slowly making my way in both with a host Arch install with guest Win10 install on VM. Odd performance issues that I attribute to one VM inside another VM.

Just me, following up and closing old feature requests!

The latest releases of Local have both .deb and .rpm builds:

We’d love to hear how your experience is using Local under Linux, so if you encounter issues or just want to say hi, let us know here in the forums!

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