Flywheel not starting up

running local 2.3.3
on mac OS 10.13.6
I had to clear my HD a few weeks back and reinstall from back up.

first time opening since.

Error message:

Local was unable to reload VirtualBox’s Kernel Extensions.

Please check System Preferences » Security & Privacy » General and click “Allow” if present.

If this issue persists, please visit the Local by Flywheel Community.

When I hit ok on this message to do as directed. it’s immediately followed my the next window that says : Are you sure you want to quit?
I say yes > it quits and then I can’t get to the preferences.
if I say no > and select the preferences the window never loads.

So there is no possible action to take.

I have red a few topics and have checked VirtualBox and local is not powered on. I right click to power on. but it doesn’t power on.

Can I just wipe everything off and start over?
or how can I get this to work?

Tank you!!

Hmm I’m surprised this doesn’t have a reply. I’m having the same issue after upgrading to Mojave.

My solution was to update VirtualBox.

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That just solved it for me too.

I also just registered here, simply to say thanks… so thanks :wink:

Right on! The latest version of Local includes the updated VirtualBox.

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The same issue here.
I installed the last version 3.0.4 and bug again.
“Local was unable to reload VirtualBox’s Kernel”

MacOS 10.13.6

How can I fix this issue?