Can't get Local By Flywheel to work on MacOs Mojave

Hi, wander if anyone can help, i ave been reading and it seems to be an issue many are facing with Local By Flywheel on Mac. I had it running previously but now that i put a new hard drive in and updated my operating system i cannot get it to start. Every time i quit and restart it starts loading “Virtual Box”, I then get a notification to enter password as Local wants to install VirtualBox, it then installs it get a green check and moves on to “Host Machine”… it unfortunately doesn’t get further than that, have left it up to 24hrs. In the forums i read that it may be that the File Wall is enabled. I then disabled it and tried installation again and same problem, i have tried deleting Virtual Box and Local By Flywheel and reinstalling but doesn’t work unfortunately.

Please can someone help… I’m desperate