Local Flywheel - VirtualBox - Update Issues

Ok first Local was not starting up - I downloaded Oracle virtualBox as I had seen in another thread and then got that running, now Local is running too but do I need to keep virtualBox running also?

Now that Local is running I am having issues updating local plugins - see attached images. I try to update, I get an error saying I cannot, and then site goes into maintenance mode and I cannot access anything.

I’m trying this out as an alternate to Mamp - right now mamp is working much smoother for me. I’d love to love Local and then migrate sites to Flywheel but not feeling so confident right now as I see a lot of Local startup issues in the forums. Do you have any suggestions to make this a rock solid workflow?

Thank you

Now my site is back up and no longer in Maintenance mode but I get this update error showing in WordPress and nothing I can do will take it away. This makes me nervous about synching my local data with the live site.