Local is STUCK at Checking System on Windows [ urgent]

Hello, I have been using Local for like 2 months now without any problem and suddenly today i couldnt access the sites. The application got stuck at Checking System . I uninstalled with all of its data and installed 3-0-2, it still gives me this same problem and I can’t see Local by flywheel in virtual box again.
My log is local-by-flywheel.log (13.4 KB)

Please this is urgent because I am developing for a client and its of the essence of time. Any help is needed

I got it to work!!! This thread’s solution helped Hangs on Checking System .

It turned out that my config.json file was empty which renders it invalid. I deleted the local by flywheel folder at C:\Users\xxxxxx.docker\machine and restarted local by flywheel. Then it worked.
Hope it helps someone.

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