HELP HELP, I did wordpress and divi updates and my site is broken

Hi local team !
thank you so much to rescue a French very big rookie with local, wordpress and divi
I try to find my issue in topics, but…

I’m on macos sierra 10 12 6
All my site was “finished” in June. I copied the folder named onlyvisitimmo-clone in “local sites” before updating divi, then wordpress.
Today I wanted to verify something in the theme personalization and argh ! nothing appeared :scream: except the name
I went to see the site all the pages were here and “worked”

so I did a silly thing : I delete the site in local then I copied back my folder onlyvisitimmo-clone and put it in “local sites”
I open local… the site doesn’t appear

I copied the old folder (before updating wordpress and divi) onlyvisitimmo : it doesn’t appear as well
(cf screen captures)

so I cloned a site named Ovi and change the name in only, to see something

anyway… when I go to that site, pages are here with… only text

How can I recover all correctly ?

Thank you so much for a quick answer, I’m a little bit depressed :tired_face:

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