Multiple Local Issues


I am having issues with Local on a Windows 10 machine.

I firstly installed Local directly onto my windows 10 machine and made the first couple of sites no problem at all.

I then tried to make another site and was presented with a 404… after reading some articles I was able to solve this by changing the preferences to local instead of domain.

However I was then having issues logging into one of my sites so I decided to uninstall local and start again. This however has caused more problems than it has solved.

I now get an error message everytime I try to install a site and when I look in my “Local Sites” folder all my old sites are there even though they were deleted, however they are unavailable in Local. Is it ok to delete these files?

I was reading some articles in an attempt to fix these issues and I saw some saying that VirtualBox was needed to install local. Is this still the case as I was not prompted to do so when installing? Is this recommended?

I feel I have got myself in a bit of a mess and need some assistance and pointed in the right direction. Hopefully someone can help shed some light on my failure to get this to work for me as I think the software is great for developing sites.


Hi Colin.

You’re probably seeing those errors because you’re trying to install your new sites into the same locations as your existing ones. You can delete them, but if you made any customisations that you want to retain and you don’t have the site files backed up already, make sure to do so, then you can just copy them back after recreating the site in Local.

You don’t need to worry about VirtualBox, particularly if you’re using the current (5.x) version of Local, which no longer relies on virtualisation.

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