Can't get Local to download properly

I have downloaded and uninstalled Local five times. It simply won’t work and won’t do the updates. I have a new HP Envy with 16g Ram. I also cannot get it to let me create a multisite. Are there people who can help me with this live or who work remotely?

Hi @Grannie,

Sorry for the trouble with Local!

Is there any way you can provide screenshots of what you’re running into?

Also, please provide your local-by-flywheel.log file. See “How do I retrieve Local’s log file?” for instructions on how to do so.

I will have to reinstall Local and will take a screenshot.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Clay,

I finally got Local on my machine and it appears to have updated. However, I do not have the chance to make the new site a multisite. There is no option for that and I know it used to be available. Can you help me with this?

Thank you,


Hi Pat,

Glad to hear!

The option for multisite is under the “Advanced Options” toggle in the “Setup WordPress” step when creating a new site. See below.

Hi Clay,

Thanks so much for showing me how to do this. I have literally spent months trying to make this work and now it does! I should have asked for help a lot sooner.

I’m soooo Happy!!!

Thanks again,

All the best,


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Hi Clay,

I put another question in the community forum but no one has replied. Sorry to bother you but you’re my only hope at this point. Here is the question:

I am new at creating a multisite - never done it before. I have successfully installed a multisite on local. Now I want to add additional sites to the multisite. I own several domain names registered as addon’s on bluehost but am using local flywheel to build them on my computer. If I can get help with this my intention is to move all my domains to Flywheel.

My question is I don’t know what to put in the blank beginning with

"Add New Site Site Address (URL) grannie.local?

The name of the one of the sites is

As this site doesn’t actually exist what is the url I am supposed to put in there? What exactly would it look like?

Are there any current videos or instructions somewhere that show how to set up a fresh multisite on local? I’ve looked for a couple of days and can’t find one.

Does flywheel include SSL for free? I clicked on trust for the certificate but not sure if that is right.

Thanks, Grannie


If the sites are different (and not part of a network of similar sites), we recommend creating individual sites instead of using WordPress multisite.

See Multi site option or not - WordPress Questions - Local Community for more details.

Yup! Flywheel offers free SSL.

Clicking the Trust button under the SSL tab in Local merely adds the self-signed (generated on your computer and not a trusted authority) certificate to your system keychain so you don’t see warnings in your browser.