Hooks and filters


I was looking to the git codebase of the atlas add-on for local.
I saw a bunch of hooks and filters, like for example the modifyAddSiteObjectBeforeCreation filter, that I can’t find anywhere in the docs.
Is there a place where all this advanced hooks and filters are listed?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @jbjanot

Those are internal JS/TS hooks that the Atlas add-on uses to modify Local’s behavior when adding/configuring new sites which we don’t currently document.

Let us know if you have any other questions around this we can help with!

Thanks @Nick-B for your answer.

I am trying to replicate the behavior of the Atlas Add-on, by creating an add-on that will download stuff from a git repo and configure a bunch of things once the site is added.
Is there any plan to make this hooks available? Out of curiosity, why would you like to keep them private?

Thanks, @jbjanot, and sorry for not documenting the hooks. You could use them in your custom plugin, it’s just that we haven’t formally documented them yet.

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Hi @nickc,
No need to be sorry, I can totally understand that it is a matter of priorities.
Please let me know if you manage to at least export a list of them, as their names generally speak for themselves.

Have a nice day, thanks for your help.

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