How do I host my website locally with SSL?

What issue or error are you experiencing?

I want to host my website on a local machine, with SSL.

I can host it online just fine with HTTP on the LocalWP interface, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to host with HTTPS for online users. There is no menu for this in the LocalWP interface, and I’ve tried several one-click SSL WordPress plugins that have encountered errors and been unable to function for some reason.

After realizing this likely wasn’t possible to do while hosting the site on LocalWP, I tried to export the site and host it myself with XAMPP, however I could not find any instructions on how to do this and I couldn’t get it working. After trying for 2-3 hours, the best I could do was a broken frame of my homepage.

So I have a few questions:

  1. Is it really completely impossible to continue hosting my site with LocalWP and enable SSL? If not, please let me know how.

  2. Is there a set of instructions anywhere for how to export a site from LocalWP and host it yourself locally?

System Details

Local 7.1.0+6396

Windows 10


It’s not possible to host your website locally using our app which is meant to be an offline development tool. The Live Links feature is only meant for short-term sharing with peers or customers to get a quick view of the site.

You can export any of your Local sites by simply right-clicking on the site name in the app’s site list and selecting Export which will create a zip copy of the site. You can also use various migration plugins like WP Migrate lite if you need to take the site to a host other than WP Engine or Flywheel which works with Local Connect.

We don’t have any documentation or instruction on self-hosting, so you may need to search around the web to see if anyone else can provide more insight into what you’re looking for. Even though you can host your own website with your own physical server, it’s not very practical. You’ll have to worry about a lot more as far as configuration and uptime. There are a lot of web hosting options these days, some of which are very affordable and probably cheaper than trying to manage the self-hosting by yourself.

Hi Nick, clearly it is possible since my site has already been up on HTTP for 3 days. It seems like you just don’t want people to use it this way- and not allowing an SSL certificate is part of that. As far as I can tell, there isn’t any great difference between hosting a site locally with something like XAMPP and with LocalWP, as they use the same services like Apache and MySQL. LocalWP is just easier to use while artificially preventing itself from being used properly.

I already have a machine dedicated to server hosting in my house, and I’m only hosting this site for a small project where perfect uptime is not important. The server hosts don’t exactly fit my budget of $0 either.

LocalWP seemed like a great solution to make hosting my website easier as a first timer, but it’s turned into a bit of nightmare now that I’ve built my site using it. I can’t host it properly on LocalWP, and there are no instructions for selfhosting it with any other solutions!

I have already found the Export button. It seems like there are database or configuration issues in the exported site that are stopping the site from working properly outside of LocalWP. I supposed I will continue to struggle with this until it eventually works.

I have also tried using WP Migrate Lite and the migration keeps failing because of internal server error on various stages of the migrate - not sure why.

I suppose instead of saying it’s not possible I could have just said it’s not very practical, which is why we don’t advise it or provide documentation. It sounds like you’re determined and have a use case so if you find a solution that works for your needs then great! Feel free to share any “wins” or workflow tips here for other users, or if you’d like you can create a Feature Request for our board to see if other users would like more enhancements or documentation about this in the future. That way they can vote, comment and follow along.

I’m not sure what database or configuration issues you’re referring to when exporting. Are you getting any specific errors when you try to upload it elsewhere?

Are you using WP Migrate Lite to create a backup and export? Or are you using it to actually migrate the site elsewhere? In order to Migrate a site I believe you’ll need to upgrade to the PRO version of WP Migrate. Some users around the forums have used other plugins like All in One if there is another plugin you’re more comfortable with you might search the forums and see if any other users have provided workflows.

Depending on the lifetime of your project, you could also use a free Demo site from Flywheel. It would require a Privacy Mode prompt but will stay live for 14 days before you have to pay for a subscription. You could simply cancel it at the end of your two weeks and still retain your $0 budget.

Demo Site

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