Some Basic Questions

My Questions

Hi. As i am not a native english Speaker you may will excuse grammer and other Kind of mistakes. But let’s go to my questions:

  • Do I Need to use any other Software like XAMPP in order to use Local by Flywheel?
  • When i want to Access to the database (adminer) the browser can not open the site. It simple says that it is not online. What could be the reason for this Problem ?
  • Last but not Least: I use All Inkl. as Hoster where i usallly install my SSL. If i migrate a Site from local to the hoster, how can i manage that the ssl is on every Site with on single installation? Because, if you install the ssl to late there often is the Problem with having single page without ssl on the site

I hope you can understand my Questions and help me out with some Basic Knowledge about the Software :slight_smile:



Nope! Local is all you need to run a local WordPress site on your Mac or PC :slight_smile:

The site may not be running. Click the gray dot beside the site in the sidebar to start the site.

All sites in Local automatically support HTTPS. It will use a self-signed certificate in Local, but once you go live, the self-signed warning will go away. You can also go to the SSL tab in Local to “Trust” the certificate to remove the red browser warning.

Hi Clay!

You say all I Need is a local WordPress site on my PC? But acutally i’d like to use local to install i WordPress Site on my pc … Did i get anything wrong or are you joking? :smiley:

The Thing with the Site is that is running but Acts like it’s not. The Button is green, i turned it off an on to see i something Changes but no mater what Color this dot is having the site won’t work. It’s possible to create a live Version of the Site but if you want to go via “view site” or go to the data base it seems like the site is not running.