How do you map your uploads folder?

I tried to search this in the forum and in the help docs with the keywords and phrasing I know to use, but I’m not really good at this so maybe I’m describing it wrong.

I’m simply using Local to test my site before they move us to mysql 8.0.

I have a multisite, so I’m following their guide on to manually import a multisite. My uploads folder is way too large to move things on my computer, so I downloaded a zip without it.

In the WP Engine call showing people how to use Local, they mentioned you could map the images and files so your site doesn’t appear broken. I can’t find a way to do this.


Check out the BE Media From Production plugin. But I’m unsure how it works with multisites.

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Here is another possible solution using the WP Offload Media plugin.

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And another simple plugin for loading media library images from a live site.


Thanks for all the options, emmtre!

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I’d second what @emmtre suggests around offloading the media. At a certain size of site, offloading the media helps with pulling things down for development, but it also has the benefit (usually) of making site backups much smaller. Smaller backups are faster to create as well as faster to restore!

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