Add the option to NOT find and replace the urls with /uploads when pulling so you can still see the media without downloading all the media for a site

I don’t know how other people feel about this but I have limited amount of storage space on my machine and syncing larger sites to my machines gives me even less.

I know you can choose not to sync the /uploads folder when pulling but it would be nice to still be able to see the live media urls by just not replacing the urls for the whole site with /uploads in them. Because then you’d be able to still view the live site media file but not have to have it duplicated on your machine.

Ohh interesting.

I was more thinking of Local adding a checkbox to the push/pull screen where underneath the “include database” option there would be a “Do not find and replace media urls”

Thank you for the feature request!

Are these larger sites filled with specific media like video, audio or is it all images or other file types?

I mean this could be for any file in the /uploads folder. Just an example one site that is on my plate has 38GB of media in the /uploads folder so when I pull to my local machine I always omit the /uploads folder but then all the image urls are broken because they are looking for the media url with .local in the address.

Understood! Thanks for the insight. I can see how something like this would be useful. I generally just caution users to always consider if their media libraries could be optimized. To the point, Emmtre and Ben were making in that thread linked above, generally speaking having a huge uploads directory can be problematic. It can cause issues with pushing/pulling the site, creating backups, migrating, etc. but also things like non-optimized images, video, and audio files can cause a lot of slowness and performance strain.

I agree this would be an incredibly helpful feature. We have some photo-heavy sites with 5-10GB+ image libraries (yes, they have been fully optimized) that take forever just to scan, let alone push/pull. Typically we need to have those images available (meaning visible on the page) while we are working on a site locally and testing things, but we don’t need or want to be pulling down their actual files.

Another issue is it seems like Local relies on the file modification timestamp for checking what needs to be pulled…is that correct? After scanning it will often say the entire image library needs pushed/pulled just because a timestamp doesn’t match up, even if files have not actually changed. This compounds the problem above.