Local taking up too much room on my machine

What issue or error are you experiencing?

Basically, I have started using Local recently for my local development. I love the simplicity it brings to whizzing up WordPress sites in comparison to using something like xampp (which I was previously). My issue now is that one of the sites I’m working on has such large files, that I don’t have the room on my laptop to get this locally.

What would be a solution here? I’ve looked at getting an external hard drive, but think from what I’ve read that doesn’t work properly.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and figured out a way around it? Cloud storage? External hard drive etc?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @robviz!

What sorts of “large files” does your site have? In the interest of performance and optimization it’s generally not a best practice to have things like video or audio files, unoptimized images, or bloated DB tables in your site. So if there are things like these that are taking up a lot of space you could look into offloading media content that could be embedded instead, optimization images, or doing some DB cleanup.

Hi @Nick-B ,

Thanks for you reply - unfortunately the site in question is quite a large site in terms of uploads & database. Sometimes I’ll locally have a site and not include any uploads, but due to the testing needed, I need the uploads files on the site ideally, they stem back to 2020 and have a lot of files. The database is also huge, but that’s down to the sheer amount of orders/products they have.

Any ideas on my initial ticket?


I’d recommend looking into a server like WP Offload Media.

This thread here might also provide some other useful suggestions: