How to add imagick PHP extension (Linux)


I want to add imagick extension to Local (PHP 7.4), but it is not included (also not shown in phpinfo). Could anyone tell me the correct way to include the .so file to php config ? There already exists a section for imagick, but it seems not to work

extension = php_imagick.dll
{{#if intelChipMac}}
extension = {{extensionsDir}}/

imagick extension is installed for the correct PHP version. (7.4)

System Details

  • Local Version: 8.2
  • Operating System (OS) and OS version: Ubuntu 22

Many Thanks in advance

Hi @Ssos

Is it only in PHP 7.4? We might not have it compiled for that specific PHP version and your OS but I can check. Can you check if you change the PHP version to see if that works?

We are also on Local version 9.0.3 if you want to update your app as well:

Hi @Nick-B,

many thanks for your reply. It only doesn’t work for PHP 7.4, from 8.0 onwards it is working correctly.

Okay thank you for letting us know! Will you be okay utilizing the newer PHP versions for your work? Because 7.4 has reached it’s end of life we likely won’t be able to prioritize going back and adding support for this.