Imagick in all PHP builds

Can we get imagick included in all PHP builds? Currently, on Windows, it is only available in 7.4 and 8.1.

Thank you @chadseay! I believe we have this on the way (along with AVIF support) for everything PHP 8.0+ but I’m checking with our devs to confirm.

Confirming here @chadseay that we will have AVIF and Imagick support coming for PHP 8.1/8.2/8.3 for Windows, Mac and Linux. We’re hoping to have this all ready by the next release so stay tuned! :green_heart:


Thanks @Nick-B !

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No problem! When the new release is out we’ll drop it with notes over at our releases page here:

I’ll try to remember to circle back here and update/close this post as well when it’s ready too :slight_smile:

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An update on this, the latest Beta version has Imagick support for newer PHP (8.1.29, 8.2.20 and 8.3.8) versions on all OSes (Windows, Mac Intel/Arm64, Linux deb/rpm)

We’ll likely release these new versions to the stable version of Local after a bit of time in Beta.

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