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How to fix "dest already exist" (the conf-folder fix)

I had a subcontractor work with me and asked him to do his stuff in local and send me the his work in a zip, but then I could not import his work. I got the infamous “dest already exist”…

So after a fiddling with just getting the beta to run with AV-software (see my other post on AV-software) I also talked with the support crew about “dest…” and got the following tip.

The zip apparently have some folders that creates a problem when importing.
There will be a “conf” folder created when you export, if you delete this from the zip the import works.
Not sure if the export was created with 5.0.6 or 5.0.7


  1. open zip with you “zipper of choise” ( i use 7-zip)
  2. delete folder named “conf” (I also deleted “conf-backup” just in case…)
  3. close/save and import in the beta (i used 5.0.7)
    (I had some trouble editing directly in Windows Explorer, but that might be just my rig or that occasion)

Also a word of caution:
The download page for “Local by Flywheel” links to the beta, although there is some “fine print” and a link below to other versions (mainly the 3.3.0 that we use mostly in our company).
So when I told my contractor to “do it in local” he got the beta and I first tried to import it in 3.3.0, which resulted in some head scratching and my journey to get the beta running.
So tell folks to get the right version or send them the link to correct version you are using :wink:
(downloads here: https://localbyflywheel.com/community/c/releases)