How To Fix No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. Error

I receive this error when pressing “view site” on local by flywheel. Can you help me fix it please?

This site can’t be reached

rhona-lewis.local refused to connect.


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Hey @yochy

That’s likely due to one of a couple of things:

  1. The Microsoft Edge browser can’t connect to sites that are hosted on VirtualBox (which Local uses). You might try a different browser.

  2. The computer’s Hosts file might not have been updated correctly. This is often due to Antivirus software preventing this update from happening. You can open your hosts file by following this blog post: Inside the file should be the Local Domains for your sites. If they aren’t there, you might try deactivating any antivirus that is active and re-try creating a site

  3. The site is trying to use SSL, but the computer doesn’t trust it yet. To trust the SSL, navigate to the SSL tab within Local and click on the “Trust” button.

Those are the main reasons for this to not work. Can you try working through those suggestions and let me know what you find?

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