How to run Local with same domain name as my live site?

I’m a little confused by the workflow I should be using. So I currently have a website that’s live
I want to build it from scratch on Local and when I’m ready to replace the live site. I set my Local site domain to match the live site URL so when it comes time to swap them all the links will be ready to go and there won’t be any broken links.

When I go to my browser and type in it goes to the Local site because it’s turned on. But after I turn Local off and even quit the app it won’t load my live site :frowning: seems like Local is managing the URL on my computer and is routing it somewhere. Basically, it loads a page saying something is broken (because Local is turned off).

Now how can I view my live site while having Local installed on my computer AND have the domain name match my live site?

Or maybe there’s a different workflow I should be using?
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Let me clarify with some screenshots. All of the below screenshots are of the same URL -

This is a live site on the web:

This is the same URL when I have Local running, it loads my site I am working on in my Local installation:

This is what I see if I go to the same URL AFTER I turn Local completely off and exit the app. I expected that the live site would load, the one that’s live on the web from my first screenshot. Seems like once Local has control or a URL it doesn’t let go even after the application is turned off, how do I change this? By the way, I also tested on Chrome Incognito mode to make sure cache wasn’t part of the problem in any way.

It’s not a good idea to use the live site url on a local development install. Local makes an entry in the so-called hosts file pointing the url to localhost. That hosts file is always checked when using your browser. The moment you exit LbF, the browser cannot find that address anymore, as your local server is not active.

In short: use a different url extension (e.g. the default .local) to develop locally. To put a local development site live, you need to export it and replace all instances of the locally used url with the live site url. That’s for a stand-alone website. However, it seems your site is on the online website builder Wix, and I don’t think you can do it there.

I see, thanks for letting me know. So I should be able to go in and manually adjust the host file each time, right? I know it’s extra work but just one of the options. Is this the standard hosts file that’s on my Mac? If so I can find it.

You may have to edit your hosts file and delete the cache. Possibly it is directing the URL to your local IP instead of your live website.

Try reading this link. Get into your hosts file and see what the story is.

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