The localwp website url is still reserved after i stoped the website

I was working on a website that uses a plugin that works only on the registered (get a license) websites
so if the plugin is installed on the website “” it will work but if I created a copy of the website on “registered.local” it will not work
so I changed the local domain name to be the same as the live domain name “registered.local” to “
but after I finished i needed to upload the edits and test the live site “” but now i can’t
even after i stopped the local website
i also tried to change the local website domain to something like "“registed.local” so i free the “” but still not work

Hi @mhmd.yassin07! Since this issue lies primarily with the plugin and its license, you might be better served to reach out to the plugin’s author/support for guidance. I would ask them if they have any advice to offer in regard to offline development with their plugin. There are many Pro/Paid version plugins out there that work fine with Local so I would expect they would have some type of workaround. I’m sure you aren’t their first user to run into this.

You are true, but I was want to mention the bug , that reserve the domain and don’t allow the browser to go to the live links , just that

And if you have a solution that let me allow the browser to visit the live browser , please let me know

Hello @mhmd.yassin07 - have you tried clearing your cache?

After changing the site domain to registed.local the expected behavior would be that when you visit it would take you to the proper place.

Where were you changing the local website domain? In the Local settings or somewhere else?

Thank you!