How to set temp directory on Ubuntu 24.04

I am on Ubuntu 24.04 with the latest Local version.

My hard drive has two partitions, with / being on one partition and /home being on another. Trying to install a plugin from within Local brings up this error:


Local tries to move things around between my two partitions. How can I set the program to use, for instance, /home/tmp for its temporary file actions? I searched for a solution, but all the posts I found here refer to the temp directories in, for instance, PHP versions used in the program, which does not help this more global temporary folder.

I would expect the settings menu to have an option for that. I guess it’s not only my problem but having two separate partitions for the system and the home directories is quite common on Linux computers.

Local doesn’t have an option built into it to specify a temp directory, it just uses the same mktmp mechanism as the rest of the Linux ecosystem.

I haven’t tried this, but you might be able to run Local in a shell where you configure the $TMPDIR variable.

I think the command would look something like:

mkdir -p ~/.config/Local/local-tmp-folder # create the folder on your user's partition
export TMPDIR="${HOME}/.config/Local/local-tmp-folder"; /opt/Local/local # or wherever Local is installed to

I’d be curious to know if that works for you!


Yes, this works perfectly. It’s also good to know that I could just globally set a new TMPDIR in my .bashrc file.

Thanks for your help!

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