How to start Local by Flywheel on a mac?

A beginner question…

Last week I installed Local by Flywheel on my mac and it works great. Today I had to reboot my machine and therefore shutdown the two WordPress servers I had running and then shutdown Local by Flywheel itself. Now I need to start it back up.

But I am surprised to find there is no application called Local by Flywheel or Flywheel. I do notice there is a new application called VirtualBox. When I run that it seems to know about Local by Flywheel but I could not make heads or tails of how to start Local by Flywheel up.

Can someone please give a pointer? Thanks.

Ok, found it. Somehow the Local by Flywheel app got placed or stayed in the download folder instead of the application folder. I’ve just moved it there.

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VirtualBox would have been installed as part of Local’s install process, as Local needs VB to run. So make sure you don’t remove that from your system :wink: