How to update LocalWP on Debian?


I’m new in LocalWP. So sorry if my question is obvious…

Today I run LocalWP, and a popup tells an update (8.2.1) is available. I click the “Get the latest version” button. It goes to the “Releases” page. And I don’t know what to do.

I use Debian, and installed LocalWP from the .deb.
Do I have to download the new .deb and install it ? If yes, what’s append next? Will it update or install another instance of LocalWP?

Thank you by advance if you can help me.

Have a nice day

Hello @ApPo - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

If you’re on Ubuntu you may be able to double-click a DEB package and select the install option.

Generally, on Debian systems, I think you would use the Advanced Package Tool (apt) to install a DEB package.

I’d try something similar to:

sudo apt install ./your-file-name-here.deb

Let me know if this helps,


Thank you sanbrockway.

What’s append next? Will it update LocalWP or install another instance of LocalWP? I wonder if I will loose my config/sites or not, before trying…

Have a nice day

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