I can't log in to the management screen of the site

After creating a new site, I can’t log in with my wordpress username and wordpress password. I don’t know why, as the website is new.

Me too, i’m facing the same issue!

same. ig my problem started since the latest local update. wby?

Hi @BUN @sofienrh @Archan

It sounds like you’re running into a known bug right now that I’ll share below. Our engineering team is aware of this and working on a resolution. We don’t have a specific ETA to provide yet but they are working on it right now.

If you think your issue is different or the suggested workarounds aren’t working for you let me know!

Hi there @BUN,

Have you been able to log in following Nick’s response?

There is also a new Local beta available that addresses this issue:

Thank you,


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