I installed Local on my new Macbook Pro, but I can't install new sites anymore

Sorry that Local is freezing when adding WordPress, @Kendrix. Please could you try these steps?

  1. Quit Local and restart your machine.
  2. Open the Finder and choose Go → Go To Folder.
  3. Paste ~/Library/Application Support/Local/cached-wordpress and press Enter.
  4. This should open a Finder window showing cached versions of WordPress:
  5. Delete all wordpress-*.tar.gz files in that folder.
  6. Open Local.
  7. Delete the site you previously tried to create (it likely won’t run because WordPress didn’t finish setting up).
  8. Attempt to create a new site.

If Local freezes on the “Adding WordPress…” step again, try steps 2-8 once more. If they still don’t help, please share your Local Logs here.

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