“imagick module not installed, or disabled” message

I am getting this error in my sites WordPress Health Screen:

“imagick module not installed, or disabled”

I would like to know why and if I need to address the issue.
Is this PHP module not compatible with Local or is it an extension I have to add manually to conf/php/php.ini.hbs file?

I wasn’t sure if it was disabled on purpose in Local because of the new Image optimizer add-on.
Can someone please advise?
If it needs to be added manually, can you tell me exactly what to add and to which file? I searched both Local Community and WordPress and didn’t find how to resolve the issue.

According to WP, I should have this extension in my WP environment.

OS - Windows 10
Local version 5.9.7+5156
Web Server: nginx
PHP: 7.3.5
Database: MySQL 8.0.16
WordPress: 5.6

I upgraded to PHP 7.4 and that seems to have corrected the issue. I no longer receive this error. Consider issue closed.

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